This tiny beach cottage is special to our family.  I grew up in this house, and our extended family has used this property as a “home base” for festivities and reunions.

My father built this cottage in the late 1930s as a garage and apartment. At that time there were two more houses between this cottage and the ocean. Overtime storms and hurricanes continued to erode the beach, and the front two houses were lost.

In the 1980s the Army Corp of Engineers implemented a beach erosion plan and installed rock barriers under the dunes to prevent the beach from eroding further and protecting the remaining beach houses.

The newly remodeled beach cottage is still “rustic”; it is basically the same as when my father built it with the addition of a few modern conveniences.

~ James Miller

Circa 1953, from left to right, remains of seawall of house washed away in 1944, 3 car garage apartment lost in 50’s, beach cottage and back house.